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Managing God’s Resources

Biblically-based Financial Lessons

Finding a trustworthy resource that churches can turn to for advice on financial subjects is not easy. Such a resource must view the effort as a ministry, not a business opportunity. Wise Wealth Financial Ministries fills the need.

Stephen, the son of a Pastor who also worked full-time on a church staff for 6 years prior to entering the financial industry, has presented and developed an entire series of Biblically-based financial lessons called Managing God’s Resources. To see the list of topics … click here.

For no scheduled fee and with no effort to solicit new business, Stephen Stricklin, CFP® will help pastors and their congregations become faithful managers of God’s resources. So, if you are looking for a Stewardship speaker, retreat speaker, or workshop presenter for your faith-based group, Stephen can customize a program that works for you. Contact him today!

List of Topics

A Biblical Philosophy of Personal Finance
The Doctrine of Stewardship
Generous Giving: Expressing a Heart for God
Goal Setting from a Biblical Perspective
Budget: A Formal Plan for Faithful Management
Freedom: Breaking Free from the Bonds of Debt
The Wisdom and the Value of Insurance
A Biblical view and plan for Taxes
Principled-Based Investing
God’s Design for Work and Retirement
Having an Eternal Perspective of Personal Finance
Leaving a Legacy: It’s More than just Wealth Transfer
Our Responsibility: Money and Kids
Decision Making and Godly Counsel
Preparing for Life’s Transitions

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